Your personal virtual movie theater

Watch movies, games, or shows together with friends in your own private theater from the future

No download or VR equipment needed

Step into an immersive social experience

Walk in and out of conversations just like in the real world. You only hear the people close you

Share a link and have friends join without needing to download anything

Customize your experience as you see fit. Make your space 2D or 3D. Allow video or make it audio only.

Set the scene

Choose from our selection of theaters and watch it on the big screen

Share your screen and watch the media you care about in beautiful HD video

Communicate through the built in chat

Organize an amazing event

Create an event for the space, sell tickets and capture RSVPs all with our integrated ticketing system

Monetize and sell paid tickets to your cinematic experience

Admin tools to keep you in control

Get a taste and try a preview room

Don't take our word for it. Experience it yourself.

Cinema Dark


Your immersive private theater awaits

We've supported over 500,000 minutes of authentic human connection

Los Angeles, CA

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